The Scent Of a Holy Death (THE THEOPHANE SAMADHI)

A beautiful shrine is built around the holy sepulchre of Fr.Theophane. The sepulchre stands with an epitaph “Fr. Theophane, the selfless Sage who held high the torch of smile by embracing every man in agony, is still here, waiting for men". Hundreds of people gather here everyday individually and in group to pray and pour out their sorrows; never can we find the shrine empty. The ever-burning candles and the ever-living prayer atmosphere are the hallmark of the Samadhi. People of all age and from all walks of life gather here - the youth, the aged, the students, the mothers, the learned, the illiterate, the elite, the rich, the poor and so on…Everybody returns comforted! It shows the deep bond of faith they have in their Veliyachan. On every Monday at 6.15 a.m there is Holy Mass. It is followed by the novena. At 5 p.m. there is holy hour and novena. It is followed by the holy mass. Hundreds of faithful flock together for the Intercessory Prayers Service. These prayers are enriched with simple rituals and group songs.

Petitions of the people and the thanksgivings for the favours received are read out during the prayer. Besides, a special Mass integrated with intercessory prayers is celebrated on every second Saturday at 10 a.m. A thanksgiving Mass is offered on the last day of the month. Please report the favours received with your signature and full address. Almost every day we get reports about miracles. Every day we interview the devoties who receive special favours through the intercession of the Servent of God. When we open the samadhi at 5.15 a.m. every day some devoties will be waiting outside in order to enter the samadhi. Even at 10.30 p.m. devoties are there to pray in the samadhi. The whole day there will be somebody in prayer in the samadhi,if not a group. Thus the samadhi is emerging as a growing pilgrimage center.

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