Ever since the passing away of Fr. Theophane 1969, people used to gather and began to commemorate his death. The common banquet was organized by Fr. Theophane Smaraka Seva Samithi. In the course of time, it took the nature of a common holy feast. Money and the required provisions are provided by the people of the locality from every walk of life irrespective of religion or caste. The food items are prepared by the volunteeres, men and women of the locality, on the previous day. Thousands of people gather here for the grand Anniversary Feast. The Feast is celebrated on April 4th every year. The Silver Jubilee of the death of Fr. Theophane was celebrated in 1993 in a grand-scale by the Theophane Guild and Seva Sangham. Several non-Christians too were included in the committee for the celebration. On 4th April 2006 it was counted systematically and found that more than 20,000 people partook of the lunch which was blessed by Very Rev.Fr.Godwin Gama O.F.M.Cap. ,the provincial. His Grace Rt. Rev.Msgr Daniel Acharuparambil, the Arch.Bishop of Varapoly Celebrated the Holy Mass.The preparations went a head more than a month.About hundred people took pains to prepare every thing for the celebration. Dozens of people worked whole day and night in front of the church for the preparations on the 3rd April.People were lined up from the high way to the Ashram Ground. The free meal was served from morning till evening.

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