SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY (The miracles of Fr. Theophane)

Brother Bartholomew Capuchin, Ponnurunni:

Once the bull in our monastery went violent and chased our cow-man in order to attack him. The cow-man, David climbed on a coconut tree to save himself, while the angry bull looked on standing under the tree. Fr. Theophane was informed and when he came he called the bull by a wave of his hand. The bull went to him with the obedience of a school child. Father told him to go to the shed and the bull calmly obeyed!

Varghese karukappily, Maradu:

While the construction works of the Ponnurunni Ashram was in progress with the help of the donations of the natives, Fr. Theophane used to visit houses with the purpose of a mendicant. In one of those visits he happened to go to the house of a non-Christian. The big dog in the house was left free meanwhile. It came forth furiously and got hold of the habit of Father attempting a bite. The household seemed unconcerned of this. Then Fr. Theophane commanded the dog: "Sit down!" Immediately, as if by some spell, the dog sat there. By evening, Father reached the monastery after visiting many houses. He found the owner of the dog waiting for him very much perplexed. He said that the dog is still sitting at the spot where Father had commanded. He begged pardon for their arrogance and indecency. With a smile Fr. Theophane consoled him and said that it would get up and go after a while.

Mary Paily:

Mary's husband was bed-ridden as he was suffering from cancer. Learning about his sufferings, After Theophane came to Mary's home, consoled him and prayed for him. Meanwhile Father noticed a mango-tree in the yard and said: "You must cut it down!" Mary replied that they had no right to do so because they were tenants. Then Father said as a prophecy: Never mind, it will die out by itself!" For their great wonder, after a few days the tree began to dry out and eventually it fell down without causing any harm to anyone.

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