Profile-a divine manifesation


Fr. Theophane! Three and a half decades have passed since his death. Yet the spiritual power and influence this holy Capuchin sage has over thousands of sorrowing human hearts have not the least diminished, rather have ever been intensified and widespread since his death. Etymologically 'Theophin' means the Divine Manifestation. He revealed God in his words, deeds and thoughts to everyone he came across during his lifetime. Even though he is no more in this world in flesh and blood, his worthy spirit prevalent among the believers goes on revealing the love and compassion of God to every sorrowing soul approaching his tomb at Ponnurunni. Miracles shower. Hymns of gratitude are ever chanted. Faith and spirituality flourish. Prayer goes on unceasingly…God is ever manifest! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Servant of God 'Fr. Theophane'.

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