A glimps of his holylife


Fr. Theophane was born on 20.7.1913 as the sixth child of George Itticheriah and Anna in the family of Koodalloor in Kodungalloor Kottappuram of Trichur district. His parents named him Michael (pet named 'Michaelooti'). George Itticheriah, a Marthomite turned Catholic, was popularly known as 'Kora Ashaan'.
Michael had his schooling at the Govt. School of Kottappuram and at St. Albert's High School, Ernakulam. From there, in response to the call to priesthood, he joined the Diocesan Seminary of Verapoly. Soon he felt the throbs of his 'second call' in the hours of his spiritual reading and in the inspiring lives of two Capuchin friars, Fr. Guido and Fr. Urban (Later Bishops). He confided the matter to Fr. Joseph Attippetty, his spiritual director (later the Archbishop of Verapoly); and the permission was granted unanimously by his superiors.
"Jesus went about doing good" (Acts 10:38)
" Fr. Theophane , the selfless Sage
who held high the torch of smile
by embracing every man in agony,
is still here, waiting for men".

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